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John the Two..

December 21, 2010

before.. soon as.. it’s over to YOU..

Clips — (gee is this a dash) — Clark should worry!

Imagine US regs faced with no charges laid after their two year scrutiny of Wall Street and wikileaks says it has the goss on a ‘big American bank’.. when to release this stuff.. known by some as the other agenda whose sheet flies hand-to-hand under the table..

A little context would assist.. the supposed Clark(PM) action was dated 2003. So who was the POTUS back then.. and who among his entourage was poking kiwis with a stick… and why..? labor lovers all! But hey, doesn’t the level of yak say so much.. gottabe profit there.. gotta fink like US, too. 🙂

Selected chrissy music to float this bulletin on: all I want for Christmas… lyrics: all I want for Christmas is my merc and porsche — Ho-HO-ho..

Looking forward to the two worldwatchs daily over the Season.. nice to know there’s somewhere else.. as we all ‘chill out’ on our summer hammocks !!

Agh yes, lest we forget, yet another citrus bush hath flowered in the kiwiland. This guy started out agin the dogs .. then figured there was payback in lemons… unknown to him, however, was the wisdom that lemons are proliferant and require little fertilization. [ None other than olde master author Priestley himself pointing out during a walk in the English Lake District how all the cars will soon look the same ] Finally attaining self-perpetuation. For accusers as well as accused.

Hence, in the clear natural conscience evident in this hot neck of the woods, may his ‘return’ earn a good strong dose of dry. Since dry amounts to ‘cold turkey’ .. do I tell a lie.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Dash time..

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