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Dont Know About YOU..

January 21, 2011

Bcos where you is is where you is, and where I is is ditto (daft but deftly true)..

A case of the dittos came in today when kiwi bank spokers groaned about weak retail figures and so on.. taken to mean slow recovery and no RBNZ initiative regarding interest rates necessary—thank you very much!

And then naked cap guested a fellow on the big gamers – (big banks) being cause of credit contractions around the place – leading me to ask the foregoing: hey guys are you double-talking yo listeners..? well, truth be told they have their backs and heads down in the vegie patches where fm don’t play and they aint hearing you.. which is to say mebbe yore getting to believe yourselves. .. Can do better. Of that I am sure.

Back to the point we end this short one with a salutary ‘bottom line’: Break up the big banks, so the smaller banks have room to grow and lend more.

Can you see it..? Well, face it, anything’s possible when folks have gotten to not spend.. not borrow.. not think big.. but only about and for themselves.

PS: For bookfan eyes only. I disagree with the Archdruid’s(Michael Greer) take on Shearman & Smith’s latest publication. He, MG, posits S&S some sort of basis for justified political attack along lines of eco-religion.. world governance of elites.. Greens dominance in planetary deliberations.. for human kind.. etc…

It has the look of fear-inspired demagoguary.. when in point of fact climate change do-nothingers have suffered this problem – and mostly unwitting I’d suggest – for many years now. Money, more especially oilco money, must have its outs… demogogues undermining democracies to boot! Or, as the saying goes, to hell with it! The planet, and you and them, and anyone who cares not to agree with them.

End issue is about responsibility and human obligations.. try that for a theme.. after all a great deal of money has been made out of these things. Though no one I’d care to name would say that this amounted to a decent future. For them, or their families.

Have a nice weekend..

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