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How Time Flies..

February 4, 2011

Back in January – remember this hammocky happening and/or for the luckier than me laid out in full sun weeks long eventing – the NYTimes carried a heads up on:— “Koch Industries wants to unmask the anonymous pranksters who issued a phony press release suggesting that the company, which supports global-warming skeptics, had had a change of heart.”

An unmasking of note… for tis sure to show them head over heartless in respect of australians for instance.. for whom the jargon DRI holds an entire new experience… being short for driven rain inundation..

Which was advised upon sound science-based facts. Some time ago. Sadly unheeded. Though several recent radio reports from Qland suggest authorities’ preplanning paid off re Tasi..

How are ye..? Still talking to me..?

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