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February 11, 2011

Are DUE.

Or perhaps you will accept that word as dué and meaning for two.

One congratulations for YOU; one for me. And one being highlighted rather than emphasised. For reason I will later mention.

For you then. Witness RNZ’s news bulletins this morning and the ever capable Kimalot leading off with events as they happen.. almost. To Kim I may say congratulations for both having the capability and presence of mind to invite highly qualified commentary in dialogue with writer pratap chatterjee(..?). Unfortunately my aversion to repetitive ‘you know’ s had me turn off. I can afford to do this in the fullsome knowledge of Suleiman’s announcement that HMS* has gone. And perhaps knowing a little more than he for exactly why.

That going, we should understand, was engineered in the end-game insofar as having the world understand how pugnacious HMS* truly was. Hopefully that all pugnacious people and politicians shall get deliverance. From office. From, at any rate, office/s of the people.

That said an appropriate space to explain my asterisk. Known to some as HMS = Hosni Mubarak Servant. In short, and among this few so as not to defame memory of Bogarde’s splendid role in The Servant, Servant of Dark Forces.

Enough said. For now.

Congratulations, too, for return of at least one ear to the hearing realm. The other hears though not what :-). Or, often, where. Can be somewhat disturbing. Can that. To me not least.

Well, and that also said, time for chemistry a la RNZ National. Will it be Boyle and his law — a subject this boy learned of in a suffering stretch of youth finally lanced by a guid olde-fashioned GP with scalpel and cotton wool. Or will it be Hooke whom Lisa Jardine resurrected not too long ago in her dedication to curiosity. Or, and very much more practically, will it be concrete, and its chemistry thereof.?

Hardly straight forward I know. But what is!


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