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NOT shape, but HUE..

February 16, 2011

.. is the word for YOU!

Relating not Tet Offensive, but color, artistry. Here in real time and at meal time 🙂

Changing the subject, the pix I got here suggests a 2007 series 7 motor, with low slung seating – the so-called luxury sport mo* – though really held in low esteem by uber assembly guys as built for wideboys in the front and short-back-and-sides in the rear! Unclear is whether these cars are present and likely being disposed on an upgrade, or due anytime soon. The particular one on display is flagged so I’d guess the former tho a fully-decked-out demo 2009 vehicle could be the case.

* between the wheels.. all of them. To keep bums nearest the gravel, bumps on the road and bounce in the springs.

So.. we come to a brief mention for Bill, whose ministerial portfolio does hold an overview of those keen auto judges in Internal Affairs. Allow me refer to Bill as Buyer Bill. That okay, Bill? Reason being highly specific to something uttered by the good fellow concerned. That some political critics of the deal – was it the Greens, Bill? – were driven by a fad whose principle significance related to low exhaust emissions.. Labor government officials at the time of the original deal plus party pollies paying their leadership dues.

Meaning to say, Bill, that your reported word is exemplary of a few fads of yer own. In need of mention. Attention!

NZPA kicked off with:—

Internal Affairs says replacing three year-old BMWs with new ones is a good deal.
The Government has been criticised for selling the relatively new fleet of 34 luxury limos and replacing it with brand new BMWs in tough economic times.

As to the first assertion, Bill, we’d agree wouldn’t we how it depends on the odo reading(kms). The new ones, for example, are they all real low odos.. like less than 90kms. Or are they – as car importers practise as well as preach – new-in-NZ. ? Like say 50,000 on the clock, fully certified by any auto-members agency willing stick their monicker on for a fee. NZ new, which in both fact and fancy of a market economy is true. No matter how, for real, it is a total lie. [ Anything happening about this one might ask the regulatory Ministrys in the name of motorists’ justice? ]
Without an auto industry of its own, just about all cars are imported. So.. from whence is important. Oh yes it is, to be sure. More especially we might add in the case of ‘beamers’ whose penchance-cum-penance in free markets has .. occasionally and most unfortunately.. landed itself in le aqua-chaud! Did those ‘dodgy’ alloy motors make series 7? They sure made Singapore. Great idea. Replacing the good old and heavy cast iron block with its highly dependable feature of ‘ream her out’ rebores for longevity with supa-dupa strong, tough and thin nikasil alloy cylinder bore liners. Sadly, badly, a new technology unknowing the pitfalls of high-sulfur gasoline. Whose makers, traders and moguls were both ignorant of and uncaring. Tacit to the later PotUS 44 delinquency of “gotta problem y’adapt”! Goodonem, BMW did, haring new alusil alloy motor refits on an extended recall programme. As the untouchable oil industry tortoise met increasing calls for it to eliminate sulfurous fouling of atmospheres.
Didn’t know about this Bill? Okay, understood, why should you after all. When money is mojo cover-up, according to the Nixon tapes, is twin bro. Tho I’ll save you from his innermost thoughts on financial fellas. Though not its learning of how genuine knowledge makes for uber faddisto! Which you now know by inherited feature more than fact.. of course.
So.. where is the good deal in ‘tough economic times’. Good for whom?
These 2007 BMWs. spells vital specs at 4.8 liter, V12s. Rear wheel drive. Big saving there.. on front wheel drive CVs for starters. Oodles o’ power.. for pulling wideboys up hills and short-back-and-siders through tunnels. Of anybody’s – including their own – making. Wot!
Stunning though is the sales pitch of fuel efficiency: 22mpg (yay miles per gallon) on the highway, and 14mpg around cities! [ No, no, Bill, we don’t need the calculator out, comparing mum’s 13/14kms per liter(kpl) in the ‘shopping basket’ (mebbe $10 a trip) to those in government guise. Why not—cos I.A. says the 2010(likely 2009 models) are a better deal. ]
And the proof is how 2009ers are 4.4 liters, V8s, same drivetrain and.. wait for it.. darn near the same fuel efficiency all round. But most of all, their odos are way lower than 3-year olds. Making depreciable assets the real role model. Something private buyers cannot so easily do. Though the smarter and sharper ones seldom bother. Content with mea culpa and first owner institutional pride in seeing their assets fully-serviced and upheld. Waiting for the opportunity of second best. Through to around 90,000 kms. No point attracting expensive repairs and replacement parts they quite correctly tell themselves.. which point begs the issue of what is more relevant in the above government decision, asset recovery price or running costs? Holding to one as you hold off the other has to be good for you…
ps: I am indebted to the good souls who reminded me of PM Muldoon’s ‘huge British Leyland’ cars – (buses I knew about but cars that block wide driveways must have been original wideboy gear.. kinda fits with other outlandishness (drainpipe pants, winkle-pickers etc).. AND the bright one whose message – John has gotta new Moa – played the turnpike radio not too long ago. Hat-tip. Some things you can hide, some things you can slide, but Bill we both know how tough economic times doesn’t have to mean take taxpayers for a ride.

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