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Not an Update..

February 18, 2011

More an up mate.. plus..

A visitor told me yesterday about a call he made (personally) to this building outfit in Rangiora earlier this week. Not too many customers around.. and the guy on the desk famming its computer screen.. in catchup mode he explained.. face deadly serious and all.. ‘Matesrates’ it said on top of the ‘quote’ form he produced at my visitor’s request. Cost nothing, yet surprised re the prices.. stock levels etc.. And that lingo—he liked.

I like it, too.. truth is so would YOU if your week had been laid up and no one telling how today mebbe one board would come off my front and.. and… laying on my back would be fine.. and I might get to see more as well as take in mono audio.. not to mention a lotta lip reads. [ They don’t know about that here.. meaning don’t anyone go telling them humn.. ]

All right, okay, so the term ‘matesrates’ is a nice newbie..

I hear kimalot is into sticks tomorrow morning. Pick-up-sticks mebbe.. or stronger like stick-it-to— mebbe.. both variants on games that people play. Both welcome.. for however, whomever and whatever they achieve. Surprise..? Yeah, you betcha. Though I have to add my pocket money will be on a serious affine orbit. To produce I’d hope the surprise of Saturday prizes. Well hey, before you get offended and presbyterian ( 🙂 ) a guy has to pay for his surgery.. the sooner the better.. ( EFT-POS-like so if it doesn’t work you can get him come on back..]

Looks kinda like my earlier blog mention to Buyer Bill has gotten some attention around the place. I had SV come on with a coupla mag outputs – one on the late August launch of Porsche’s new Hybrid sedan – Panamera by model name. Reads a sharp, smart job. Bill could go hosed for not taking these guys up on a ‘commercial’ contract to secure 3 liter and 6-cyl power delivering a full load 100kms on only 6.8 liters gasoline. Betta by far, believe you me, than mum’s old Honda City shoppa. How..? Emissions.. less than 170gm per km. At speed, too. Lesson being if you’re gonna spend the dough it pays for something to show off so.. Election Year aint slow-mo.

Steve dropped a thingy on the new Highlander as well, but I’ll deal to that one next time. At mention Toyota, however, their planning looks well and truly set to option the Chinese dominance of neodymium, which is used for permanent battery – ie nickel hydrides – in hybrid-powered cars. The trick they say lies in electromagnetic power — turn on the electric and it makes magnetics, turn it off and it doesn’t.. ( try imagine a handheld kitchen mixer for a solid example). Motors doing this could deliver their required result. As opposed heavy permanent magnets which have and hold electric inputs(neodymium etc). Toyo’s Takeshi reads real strong on the topic.. and one surprize could be usefully seeking another.. soon.

I came across something called ‘Telstra T-box” in the week. Movies to TV apparently.. Any chance ThisWayUp’s Simon could take a looksee, Or someone up for a home entertainment slot..?

Time to go.. wash and scrub my ear/s.. couldn’t be missing anything tomorrow now could I.. Have a good weekend..

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