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Couple of things..

February 23, 2011

On my way to the theater..

Rating agencies.. there is a NZ need to know the differences between them, as opposed a seemingly bland acceptance of one, or others, pushed position.. on whatever t’is kiwis ought find themselves concerned about..

Allow me say it this way in regard a single topic of note — the present US Budget.

S&P – no problem,, well nothing we can’t go figure and wait on resolution..

Fitch – how about we continue check out those Euro sovereign debts!

Moody – there’s long term probs with it.. like assumptions no-costing [ counting 😉 ] entitlements.. y’know medicare/medicaid!

Making the difference, that’s Moody. In name as in life. Hawks. Yeah, fiscal hawks. Stuff the facts of life ( in just about anyplace including quaked kiwis in their now National government rated tragedy } bring on the fiscals. But of course some republicans can be exactly, and precisely, just like that!

Having gotten my drift I’d say don’t play their game for them.. fear itself and all that.. humn?

Topic 2: Brilliant. Is the word for Radionz’s 24/7 Earthquake coverage. If ever there was a need to express radio’s role at its best, this would have to be it. Well done everybody. Proud to know of you..

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