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Update 2: quackas..

February 24, 2011

For some reason a little beyond me – Tom’s doing fine, sore, stiff, but as fine boned as ever he was 🙂 – oh I gettit—this must arise in response to his prior mention of delinquent Nixon and co—remember the ‘arms’ (Halderman & Erlichman) he lopped off _ “And I’m not a good butcher!” in the Sheen/Langella movie Frost/Nixon. Yeah Watergate and DNC breakin..

Political stuff for sure. Impeachable cover-up, admittedly.

My guess for the following link is how such things require associates. Paid or otherwise. But also retain a distinct taint or aura for whosoever and howsoever such folks come to behave.. like in the question mebbe of well, who were those CC guys avisitin CHCh on or about Quake-2-Day? And with whom pray did they undertake discourse..?

Just as well to ask.. humn?

Times change like scenes and methods, Though seldom so-called successful human behavior.

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