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Update 3: quackas..

February 25, 2011

I’d have to guess how the guy who sent the following link-up was attempting some profound illustration of ‘associates’ and associations per the blog’s subject matter.. [ Actually I think he/they have gotten hold of the wrong stick.. which was the earlier query re CC-types etc ]

Anyways, I took a look and.. true enough.. we find cover-uppable behavior. Heck yes! So okay the Wn Governor had some $43, 000 election ‘assistance’ from $Bn DK.. and there was an offer to buy that state power utility on the table.. and [ betcha didn’t know the Ks were bigtime soviet ( = state in russian ) oil refinery assemblers( built and/or acquired ) along their particular road to riches ].

AND Ks do talk over the phone to authority figures like Governors..

Interesting as NC makes quite clear, however, is the extent of this.. in this case. The Governor puppeting – sockpuppet-like – a new strategy. Call it a ‘conversation’ they say—not a ‘negotiation’—et viola! we can rig the business through a quorum after beating the legal redtape defining a senatorial business meeting.

But true to form, and really why I feel impelled to add this contrib, pointed out to me also was the language use – ‘conversation’ in particular of a kiwi business rep in suggesting how a kiwi labor union spokesperson ought to have attended their joint meeting/s and made her opinions known to the conversation.

Catching..? Coincidental..? Mebbe.

Yet always good to know what folks are up to in regard to the greater or lesser good.

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