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Golden Day..

March 1, 2011

One of my news feeds reads:—

New Zealand holds a two-minute silence exactly a week after the Christchurch earthquake.

I heard it. I was in it. The silence. In the golden of this day. Enduring.. such an enduring Day. Presently keepsake.. future archive. For sure. Lest we forget. The disturbing photos.. losses.. life.. limb.

In one way I am fortunate, cradled in my ‘covers’ it is nigh impossible to search out such images. Tonight, however, up for a stretch as carers called inflating my lungs and waist bends whatever, there was this weekly brought in from the box and dropped on a small table beside me. “Disaster” it read.. dust clouds.. buildings destroyed.. streets awash.. gardens gone to gray.. piles of the stuff awaiting removal.. and a single shot of a pretty woman I’ll likely never know – there were others but this one stuck around coming as it did upon my second page turning – “she didn’t deserve this” a caption read.

Did any of us? came immediate thought—one does this in self-defense I think—yet the very fact of my still thinking about this unfortunate person’s loss tells of self-defense’s failure. Don’t distance yourself, the lesson. Live it. And share.

Term it a mistake.. yes another human mistake as olde medicals called it. So as to learn. always learn from our mistakes.

On such a Golden Day of remembrance and reflection, the golden way.


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