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Something Mebbe… worth more than,,

March 3, 2011

Now appears the case..

First up let me preface this blog with an intro from BI:—

At an auction in Hong Kong this week, a rare block of four stamps from the Cultural Revolution sold for HK$8,970,000 (US$1.1m) – an all-time record for a Chinese stamp or multiple. Including a 15 per cent buyer’s fee, the anonymous buyer paid over US$1.3m for the stamps.

How many times have we seen this picture? Remember baseball cards and beanie babies in the 1990′s? Now we French Bordeaux and stamps in Asia. Too much money chasing too few goods!

Stress: Too much money chasing too few goods!

It so happens that an envelope passed by me today bearing a stamp to the value $2.40(NZ). Depicted upon this stamp the Christchurch (Anglican) Cathedral. Nay not the present one, for that as most now realise is somewhat different resulting from the February 22 Earthquake. As indeed the Catholic Basilica* is in the Barbados Street east of it. As indeed smaller churches are all around the place. [ Recall, please do, however, that their history, their construction record, has borne a good many years’ of Earth’s quivering and quakering ( unintended pun folks ) ].

* so kind of Jim Mora to play Lynsey Frear’s(?) choice of the best song ever written the other day. Sadly I can’t recall the title – out of the room – tho John Miles unmistakable contribution among the songsters which included Giorgio I’m pretty sure – was not missed. Many thanks to all concerned.

So… how about a stamp issue fundraiser? Perhaps an allocation of the already printed… or a then/now depiction… could be one-for-all.. international… or, and also, one for each.. international, national, local.. whatever series mindset takes the talents..

For myself I would say the object ought rely on much money chasing valued goods.

Nearing the weekend as it is let me add how very well has continued report and perform. There was a point earlier in the week when folks here wondered if any dorsal signs of wings were becoming apparent.. well y’know those brave reporter souls really did need some kind of rising above it all around the eastern ponds 🙂 Not to mention the studio linkers whose experience quite obviously determined No way! on the stinkers.

I have an idea or two on sustainable and cost efficient rebuilding.. design.. engineering plus.. but they can wait a week or so.. or until I’m free standing for myself..

Best wishes now.. and keep on the good works..

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