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So.. YOU see…

March 6, 2011

silver at $40 this year.. y’do.. d’yu..?

All I’ll add at this stage is the good housewifery of don’t eat your breakfast eggs with silver-plated spoons.. or if you do make sure they are washed clean straight after.. something to do with the sulfur I’m told.. yeah, corrosion, erosion, whatever..

Tommy Steele is more likely the answer you seek.. the singing whistler.. that one.. not Steal R. Thommy.. The only lyrics I can recall him voicing are about getting the blues cos his gal gone left him.. or something ..

Thusly, my quaint refrain..

Fear thee not,

T’is neither one nor three,

To be sure m’dear,

There’s only the ONE o’ me 🙂

News inkling: There’s word on the wires of an OPEC breakup… where is known, and active presently, .. but why..? for whom..? when..?

PS: I have it from Scales that China is big-time in fast rail networking.

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