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Several Good Indicators..

March 8, 2011


I heard the figure of 700mm uplift from – was it Mr. Hopkins ? – this morning. By lunchtime it was stated again in cms (eg 7cms). but from the Alos shots the peak ground motion ( uplift ) is lower at circa 500mm.

Looks likely thus ( to me at anyrate ) how a worst case scenario (wcs) could be potted from uplift for the city – ie CBD – at around Richter 8.0.. and comprise mainly uplift. Thus structured entities with any real chance of sustainability would forthwith be constructed low-rise, not densely so, and rely mostly upon reinforced vertical strength. Flexing and flexibility coming from either new designed-for-purpose materials over smaller spaces (floors) or per the postmodern concept of wood and its laminates. Crucial to such construction methods, however, would be FIXINGS. That is to say, fixing materials that either DO or DON’T DEFORM. The former might be base isolators wherein force is taken up or absorbed by force-handling components, the latter exampled by stretch and flex attributes..

Gotta go.. bin called…

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