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And the Word is..

March 15, 2011


Said in the manner of Richard Gray playing Abwehr Grupen in the GTE prior to introducing senior allied officer James Donald to his Colonel, the Camp Kommandant..

“And the word is.. regrouping”.

And why, you may well ask.. Answer: so far as I can tell, events, positions and their complexities have taken their toll.

Added to which further news at the weekend in kiwiland of a guy being a “new broom” in circumstances he may formerly have considered desirable. Unfortunately, such a custom has fallen foul of another definition — that a broom is a cow’s tool and plays swish-swish at the flies heraldry attendent one’s rear end.

Quite fitting I thought in regards to the utterer. At the time.

Still, tis not I who doth dwell upon the prevalent curiosities, tis U know who.

PS: before taking off for a stroll the other day Tom asked me to mention that “anything… just anything really!” does not fit his purview either.

Could this not be the most germane component in his R-word.. we shall see.

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