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The Wonder Guys..

March 22, 2011

Yes, for those showing interest in ..well.. who did design those Fuku-Daiichi reactors back then..? we have an answer as follows:—

… last week, General Electric Co. (CR = Aa2 stable) came into focus as the designer of the nuclear reactors at the 40-year-old Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Owing to the situation at Fukushima, the company faces credit negative risks to its reputation and nuclear business…

justifiable consequences or no thus expositioned..

Part of an expansionary platform OTOH we find Australian Tim Dean @ Australian abc unleashing a part explanation toward Australians. And, given this opportunity, your goodselves.. I liked the salient:—

“Lying just beneath the surface of all our well thought-through political attitudes, just deep enough to evade easy observation, is our implicit worldview…

..One of the characteristic traits of conservatism is to see the world at large as a dangerous place, filled with threats natural and man-made. This is why conservatives tend to be tough on crime, more concerned about the threat of illegal immigration and more ‘hawkish’ when it comes to defence and foreign policy.”

Meant to read in a phrase: scratch a conservative in contemporary partisan politics and fulminations therefrom can include all manner of inane and irrational endorsements..

ps: besides I’ve heard tell how M&M were but drifters til a certain ceo @ cei found fulminatory fundings.. should you get my drift..

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