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Exposition and/or Expansion?

March 25, 2011

Item one sprang to mind over lunch today.. listening to part of Midday Report on radionz. The programme Worldwatch to be precise, which generally does a good job of presenting diverse items from the global news calendar in a well-covered, if often soundbitten (pithy) way.

Yet in one topic there seemed to me an overstressed news value in regard to nuclear power developments.. sort of tunnel, or maybe pipe, vision.

So here’s a deliberate attempt to expand their take..
This reuter’s report points out geothermal power – currently only 4% of a vast Asian resource – as the viable alternative to nuclear energy..

And given Australasian investor positions in the stuff maybe a feature to come?… rather than be ignored and thus present nukes or not the somewhat bleak prospect.. [ Less risky would be a greater diversity of power sources with lowered nuke-power in the total mix ]


Having run out a need for exposition to attain objective journalism the following can be taken as my own item 2..

To hand the mixed fuel price messaging of radio commentators.. ie. heard the other day a speculative voice to effect that Japan’s crisis meant greater oil uptake, so said to be shortening supplies elsewhere—and raising prices!

When in point of fact, the tsunami wiped out a lot of the northern industrialized region and Japanese expertise said fossil fuel use would suffer a significant decline until rebuild has gotten underway — months out!

Having said this we can perhaps see why a spike in futures is presently underway .. which is to point out that if no one credibly challenges the speculative vox as and when it sounds off, the assumption of acceptance by the populace(consumers) is taken, or ‘written in’ as the market terms it, and everybody gets to pay their false tune.

Shouldn’t we be asking just who is setting these price raises? And why? Further, why should it be the case that globalization holds only to one market model—yes, that the market shall set the price—when the market is today vastly more than it was at globalization’s origins?

Keep on the good work folks.. we’re listening.

ps: several probs here this week, the pos of theft not least among them for tf. Take care with whom you associate being the lesson I’d suppose.

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