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NOW.. for the HOW.. and WHO..

March 30, 2011

Haven’t I told of THIS many times..

Now for the HOW and WHO… is doing it.. and risk-free. Boy, does multi-small both ways trading pay!! The big difference is computer use as this guy points out. From around 2006.

Of course, the salutary lesson is not to rely on the price ALWAYS rising… but since when did gross profiteers take any notice of that? Yeah, I know, likely just before their clients took the big dive..

So.. whatever.. don’t let it be you. Forewarned etc..

ps: I sometimes hear motorists and motoring advisors talk nice on the oilcos.. ie reiterate the spiel or excuse for a gas price hike.. but seldom take them – spokesfolks – seriously. How could I knowing what I know… and now you.. and hopefully soon, they shall know.

This is not an argument on quit fooling, more a notion of quit tooling the ripoff. On yes they are, it’s called consumer compliance.


(pp gcdrm)

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